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World Book Night at The Book Box in Clapton, east London – what a wonderful shop with lovely people; Joy who owns it and her two assistants both called Rosie. There was a good audience of children and grown-ups (the teenies fell asleep) and I was really well looked after. The shop had organised a writing competition, and I gave out certificates and prizes. A fabulous evening full of people who love books. www.bookboxonline.co.uk

I had been invited by the Oxted Children’s Book Group to visit a school on Monday 7th where I read Leo and the Medallion Fraud to two separate class 5 children. I then had a big after school group who listened to the story of John Logie Baird. The children all had lots of questions. Again, I received really super comments from the teachers.

What fun to be able to read my stories in bookshops and schools. Aren’t I lucky!

I really would love to publish your reviews of Leo’s Heroes. I hear that lots of children have enjoyed the adventures, so get writing. You can post comments on this blog.

World Book Week is an annual event where people are encouraged to read more books. A wonderful scheme! I shall be reading Leo and the Kidnap Incident to families at a children’s bookshop called The Book Box in Clapton East London on 5 March. That day is called World Book Night, and after the reading there will be lots of music and food – another party! Do come if you live nearby.


Wouldn’t you have loved to have gone to a Toy Theatre Tea? A show of Cinderella by Joe Gladwin, and then a scrumptious spread of cakes galore – chocolatey and creamy, crumbly and yummy? The party was held on 9 January in London, and I descended upon the audience to promote Leo and the story of the Toy Theatre Surprise. I took twelve books and sold them all.

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  • moheard: Hi Bryony, Thank you for such a super review, which I'd love the whole world to read! It is such a privilege to be able to make a connection with som
  • bryony: hello Mo, my name is Bryony and you came to my school to discuss about your book. (I was the one who introduced you to our teacher and then took you i
  • mary dawson: hi MO this does sound exciting! will have to buy the book and help you get it into more schools etc from Mary