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I was so thrilled to receive a note from a girl called Elizabeth this week.

Dear Mo, Since we saw you at the Cuming Museum we bought your great book and we’re reading 2 stories – the one about Churchill and also Pollock’s toy shop. We went to the shop and bought a theatre. My dad and I are going to make it at Christmas.

Love Elizabeth, Lizzie (7)

P.S. My friend is called Dorothea just like “Dotty”!

‘I’ve enjoyed reading the stories with Elizabeth.’ Lizzie’s mum wrote. ‘Lizzie is excited thinking about building the cardboard theatre we bought.’

Lizzie sounds really delightful. I love it when children can get wrapped in a book with such enthusiasm.

Baxter (age 8), told me that Leo’s Heroes is as good as Mr Gum. (Is that praise? I haven’t met  the said gent.)

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