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Val and I and all the guests to the launch of Leo’s Heroes last Sunday, had a super time devouring every crisp, sandwich, sausage roll, chocolate, and all the other delicacies you have to provide for a party. Oh – and of course – signing and selling copies! And today, the 28th, is the day of publication, so the book should be in a shop near you. If not, make sure you order it. I’d love to receive more reviews!

A grown-up who bought a copy, sent me an email after reading the first 3 chapters; this is what she said:

Well, I have read three of the chapters from Leo’s Heroes so far, and I have high hopes of it being a success. It is a fun, boyish scenario with plenty to stimulate and educate a child’s curiosity and interest – factually interesting and good language to extend their vocabulary. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Even the parents will like reading it, if it is a bed time story, so that is a plus.

‘Leo’s Heroes’ is a book about a young boy called Leo who realises he can travel through time, and goes to all sorts of places in recent history, meeting loads of famous people. But soon he finds himself sucked into a mystery concerning his great-great grandfather, Jasper, an inventor who vanished into thin air. And as he starts to unravel the truth, he makes a horrifying discovery.

I really like this book, and would recommend it to people who like adventure and mystery stories. It’s got loads of suspense, and it’s hard to put down! It’s well written, and has some lovely illustrations, but ends on a cliff hanger, so I hope there’s a sequel! I rate it 9/10.

Mo says: Thank you so much Elin! If you had to write a sequel, what would the story be?

I’m not going to tell you about the last chapter yet, as it will spoil the story for you if you want to read the whole book and find a surprise at the end.

But come back soon!

Dear Mo,

I am very excited about being a child reviewer (I never heard back from Jacqueline Wilson, perhaps I will from you?)

Leo is a chirpy, sociable, but easily confused boy. At the beginning of the book Leo has a dreadful nightmare about an unknown man falling down, what seems like a bottomless pit. Leo trys to remember what the man’s face is like, but he can’t. Leo discovers that he has an amazing gift and is able to travel back in time. Some of his travels are to exciting moments in 19th and 20th Century history.

I think that Leo’s Heroes will appeal to boys and girls who enjoy adventure, drama and history. It is a truly powerful and surprising book!

I would love it if you came and gave a talk at my school and I think that my friends and the teachers at my school would love it too!

Once again, thank you so much for letting me read your book and be your child reviewer.

Love, Gracie

Leo and the Kidnap Incident

Who’s this? A girl? She’s in a right two-and-eight. Bombs are dropping all around, and Leo has to shelter in a . . . well, a Shelter. It’s the East End of London, and they’ve all got hearts of gold, Gawd bless ‘em!  But the Enemy is about to kidnap the Prime Minister. Can our brave hero – that’s Leo – thwart those rascals before they make off with Winston and his cigar?



Leo’s mum

Hannah: an artist

Dotty: a time traveller

Minnie: Dotty’s mum

George: Dotty’s brother

Harry Tanner: an ARP man

Dora: Harry’s wife

Winston Churchill: the Prime Minister

ARP men




Tea Ladies

Leo’s grandad

A passage from Chapter Five

Then the warning siren whined. Leo glanced at his watch. It was eight o’clock. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked fearfully at each other. There was a terrifying dull thump, followed by two more booms. Plaster fell from the ceiling of the shelter, a bottle crashed over from a makeshift shelf. For a minute there was a hush, with people looking up, hands to their mouths. Then children began to whimper, women called out, and men became alert, listening for more signs of danger. The All Clear sounded after a while, and a few people pulled themselves to their feet, picked up their belongings and wearily made for the exit. They dreaded to see the damage to their houses and their neighbourhood. The ones who stayed had probably been bombed out already, and were camping in the shelter while they waited to be rehoused.

When Dotty, her mum and brother, together with the Tanner family arrived at the corner of their street, they stopped. ‘Oh, where’s the bloomin’ house?’ Minnie cried. There were piles of rubble around the bomb-damaged houses. Furniture was hanging from inside walls still standing, water was pouring from broken pipes. Leo just behind them, stopped dead at the sight, frozen with blind terror.

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