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Chapter One

Posted on: August 1, 2010

Chapter One

Leo and the Toy Theatre Surprise

Where we read about Leo’s Collections – nothing special, just old coins, rocks & fossils, and Doctor Who stuff — but don’t be fooled, you never know where these things will lead him! His mum collects too — yawn, boring. Ha! ha! we’ll see. Leo starts a toy theatre print collection. He gets a special, amazing performance at his birthday party — but look out — is that ancient Showman all he seems? (Watch for the blue stain, it’s a clue).

The characters:

Leo:  a boy who I think lives somewhere in London

Leo’s dad:  works for an electronics company

Leo’s mum:  likes to paint Still Life pictures

Rick:  Leo’s best friend

Simon:  manager of a Toyshop in Covent Garden

Benjamin Pollock:  sold toy theatres – long, long ago

Here’s a short piece from Chapter One:

Then he did a strange thing. Leo saw him take a small twist of paper from his waistcoat pocket, unfold it, and scrutinise the contents. ‘Have you seen this before Leo?’ He held out the scrap of paper. There, glowing brightly, was a tiny sliver of blue rock.

Leo peered into the paper. ‘No, never seen anything that colour.’

Mr Pollock shook his head. ‘I got this last night from a friend of mine. He was telling me some strange nonsense about … ‘ The man put his hand on Leo’s shoulder. ‘I was wondering if you might be linked to it … you seem … so different to my usual boys. As though you don’t belong here.’

Leo put his finger to touch the blue rock, and as he did so, Benjamin Pollock shimmered before him in the growing darkness, his voice echoing ‘Don’t, don’t’, while Leo’s insides somersaulted, and he was tossed through a hot whirlwind to land on his duvet in his room, staring up at the red Chinese paper lampshade which was twisting crazily above his bed.

1 Response to "Chapter One"

hi MO
this does sound exciting!
will have to buy the book and help you get it into more schools etc
from Mary

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