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Are you here to find out about the story of Leo’s Heroes? Don’t forget to scroll down to the first postings on my blog! Over the next few weeks, you will find out more about Leo and be able to read some extracts from each chapter.

Fun at first for Leo, but then darker forces shroud him in fear. He only begins to unravel the mystery in Chapter 6, when he hears his great-great-grandad’s terrible tale. Leo must follow in his footsteps. Will our daring hero save the day?

The chapters will be described in my next blog posts. I hope you will want to read the whole book to find out who else Leo meets on his time travelling adventures.


Posted on: July 28, 2010

Crash, Bang, Wallop! Beware the scary alien Temporidium!

Whiz! War leader Winston Churchill is saved from kidnap by our hero.

Zip! Leo creates a forgery business for two Victorian East End lads.

Zoom! Leo befriends Sydney Camm, designer of the Hurricane aircraft.

Whoosh! Leo meets John Logie Baird, inventing television in his workshop.

A family secret. Time travel. Aliens. Leo is a long-haired ten-year-old boy with normal interests, like making lists, collecting, and – what’s this? – meeting famous people from the past! Spooky. But why does he go back in time? Does someone have a mission for Leo?

Flash! A dead showman demonstrates a theatrical trick or two.

Over hundreds of years the rocks had hurtled through dark space towards Earth. They had been dispatched with a precious cargo from a far-off galaxy. Nestling within each one was a perfectly round blue globe, its core slowly pulsating. On entering the Earth’s atmosphere the huge craggy boulders hissed and flared, shattering and flinging their debris far and wide. For centuries, the hidden globes had landed across many continents, in deserts, on mountain peaks, over jagged polar glaciers, and had scorched their way into impenetrable jungles. Thousands of gigantic slabs scattered, sizzling down unseen beneath the oceans. But many plunged into quiet city backwaters secretly burrowing their way underground to concealed resting places.

Their orders were to wait patiently for human contact.



Leo’s Heroes

is a new book being published on 30 September 2010.

The author is Mo Heard. That’s me.

The cover and lovely pictures in the book have been designed

by a wonderful artist called Val Falla.

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