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I haven’t written a post here for ages. How bad is that? My excuse is that I have been working hard throughout the summer on the sequel to Leo’s Heroes.There is more about Jasper’s journey through time, and more about the mysterious notebook which Dorothea left behind when she died. Will Leo discover its secret?

Meanwhile, I must report that I read from two chapters last term in a local school, and one class six sent me super letters afterwards. Most of the children commented on my expressive reading, doing different voices and accents for the characters. Of course, as I used to be an actress, that is why I love to read aloud.

Since then, I received an email from Taylor-George who lives in Market Harborough; he writes ‘the book is brilliant. It’s very exciting, funny, interesting and action-packed. It never gets boring … I liked all the adventures. I like history a lot. I would definitely enjoy reading another book about Leo.’

Well thank you Taylor-George! Perhaps you’d like a job as my publicity agent?

So … back to that next book!


Posted on: July 2, 2011

A friend gave the book to relatives, and they sent her their comments which she forwarded to me recently.

Millie says she would definitely recommend Leo’s Heroes: “It was very exciting and interesting. I found it a real page turner. Overall an enchanting book!”

However, she also commented that she found the story confusing towards the end. I’m really sorry Millie if it wasn’t clearer for you. Some children have said they found the last chapter a little bit scary.

Millie’s grandma Susan also read the book and wrote a review. “Very imaginative and compelling. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to reading each new chapter … As well as being good fun to read it was educational too … I would recommend it!”

Thank you Susan and Millie! I do appreciate reviews.

I’ve just heard from Sam Baker aged 10:

This is what I think of the book.

Leo’s Heroes is a fantasy novel about a boy who can jump through time.  The main character is Leo, he is a kind and likable boy.   Leo’s Mum gave him some posters about old fashioned toys, which he found intriguing.  This is when the story really begins.  Leo is fond of collecting things during his travels and has a passion for wooden puppets.

I really like Leo’s Heroes because you can read it at a slow relaxing pace and it tells you lots of interesting things about the past.

Thank you Sam! I appreciate you writing to me. I think you mean the toy theatre characters when you say that Leo has a passion for wooden puppets.

World Book Night at The Book Box in Clapton, east London – what a wonderful shop with lovely people; Joy who owns it and her two assistants both called Rosie. There was a good audience of children and grown-ups (the teenies fell asleep) and I was really well looked after. The shop had organised a writing competition, and I gave out certificates and prizes. A fabulous evening full of people who love books. www.bookboxonline.co.uk

I had been invited by the Oxted Children’s Book Group to visit a school on Monday 7th where I read Leo and the Medallion Fraud to two separate class 5 children. I then had a big after school group who listened to the story of John Logie Baird. The children all had lots of questions. Again, I received really super comments from the teachers.

What fun to be able to read my stories in bookshops and schools. Aren’t I lucky!

I really would love to publish your reviews of Leo’s Heroes. I hear that lots of children have enjoyed the adventures, so get writing. You can post comments on this blog.

World Book Week is an annual event where people are encouraged to read more books. A wonderful scheme! I shall be reading Leo and the Kidnap Incident to families at a children’s bookshop called The Book Box in Clapton East London on 5 March. That day is called World Book Night, and after the reading there will be lots of music and food – another party! Do come if you live nearby.


Wouldn’t you have loved to have gone to a Toy Theatre Tea? A show of Cinderella by Joe Gladwin, and then a scrumptious spread of cakes galore – chocolatey and creamy, crumbly and yummy? The party was held on 9 January in London, and I descended upon the audience to promote Leo and the story of the Toy Theatre Surprise. I took twelve books and sold them all.

I was so thrilled to receive a note from a girl called Elizabeth this week.

Dear Mo, Since we saw you at the Cuming Museum we bought your great book and we’re reading 2 stories – the one about Churchill and also Pollock’s toy shop. We went to the shop and bought a theatre. My dad and I are going to make it at Christmas.

Love Elizabeth, Lizzie (7)

P.S. My friend is called Dorothea just like “Dotty”!

‘I’ve enjoyed reading the stories with Elizabeth.’ Lizzie’s mum wrote. ‘Lizzie is excited thinking about building the cardboard theatre we bought.’

Lizzie sounds really delightful. I love it when children can get wrapped in a book with such enthusiasm.

Baxter (age 8), told me that Leo’s Heroes is as good as Mr Gum. (Is that praise? I haven’t met  the said gent.)

One of the grown-ups who has read the book sent me a lovely comment:

I love the book!  I was taken on a fabulous, fun and scary trip through time in such an astonishing way.  I had the best history lesson ever.  Leo is so cool!!!!  I am such a fan.

Val and I and all the guests to the launch of Leo’s Heroes last Sunday, had a super time devouring every crisp, sandwich, sausage roll, chocolate, and all the other delicacies you have to provide for a party. Oh – and of course – signing and selling copies! And today, the 28th, is the day of publication, so the book should be in a shop near you. If not, make sure you order it. I’d love to receive more reviews!

A grown-up who bought a copy, sent me an email after reading the first 3 chapters; this is what she said:

Well, I have read three of the chapters from Leo’s Heroes so far, and I have high hopes of it being a success. It is a fun, boyish scenario with plenty to stimulate and educate a child’s curiosity and interest – factually interesting and good language to extend their vocabulary. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Even the parents will like reading it, if it is a bed time story, so that is a plus.

‘Leo’s Heroes’ is a book about a young boy called Leo who realises he can travel through time, and goes to all sorts of places in recent history, meeting loads of famous people. But soon he finds himself sucked into a mystery concerning his great-great grandfather, Jasper, an inventor who vanished into thin air. And as he starts to unravel the truth, he makes a horrifying discovery.

I really like this book, and would recommend it to people who like adventure and mystery stories. It’s got loads of suspense, and it’s hard to put down! It’s well written, and has some lovely illustrations, but ends on a cliff hanger, so I hope there’s a sequel! I rate it 9/10.

Mo says: Thank you so much Elin! If you had to write a sequel, what would the story be?

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